Crab Salad / Sandwich

Crab Salad, often eaten as sandwich, is definitely a summer delight because it is so simple to make and made mostly of refreshing ingredients. It is also among the salads that is made of almost any vegetable and herb – depending on your taste – you could mix the cooked cooled crabmeat with onion, bell pepper, lettuce, vinegar, basil, chervil, coriander, even hazelnuts and  boiled egg. Here is my selected version of crab salad. I love it and actually crave it as soon as it feels like summer out there!

Ingredients:   300 gr. cooked crabmeat, flaked. 1 cup celery (leaf and heart), diced. 3 tbsp. parsley, chopped. 2-3 tbsp. mayonnaise.  1 medium lemon juice. To serve, you could use any plain or seeded sandwich rolls, or for an added visual effect and nutritional value top it on avocado wedges.

Method: Very straight forward!  In a medium size bowl, mix flaked crabmeat, diced celery parts, chopped parsley. Add lemon juice and mayonnaise and stir gently till you get a homogenous mixture. Be careful not to break up crabmeat.

To serve as sandwich, you know what to do! Simply mound some salad on one side of the bread top it with lettuce or any topping you fancy, cover with the other part of the bread and cut appropriately.

As for serving on avocado, first off, choose large, not too ripe avocados.  Pit the avocado halves and using a sharp knife, make the holes a bit wider. Stuff each hole with crab salad.  It will look and taste nice, plus it will be very easy to eat!  Bon Appétit!

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