Here we come again Summer!

The Victoria Day on May 21st in Canada is the official start of the gardening season – when the earth is warm enough for planting and there is no danger of overnight frost. The long weekend is marked by glorious display of breathtaking colorful annual and perennials and small yet vibrant sidling of virtually any vegetable and herb you might fancy growing in your backyard or balcony. Please click on the first image below to start the slideshow!

Like the majority, I did most of my shopping and planting during the last weekend but I am sure I cannot be done just yet! I will keep running to the local nursery for another bag of top soil, or an extra hot pepper, or one more hanging basket while I tend to my flower and vegetable beds around the house.

Look forward to sharing with you the taste of home grown tomatoes, basil, hot peppers, yellow zucchini and much more as we go trough Montreal’s beautiful summer.

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