Celery stew

karafsOne of the few khoreshes without tomatoes! Two more things: My experiment with making traditional Iranian stews without meat (in fact, by replacing meat with some sort of beans) has been very successful. However, celery stew (khoresh karafs) is one of the few, in my opinion, that won’t turn great without meat. And it absolutely must accompany plain rice!

Ingredients(serving 4-5 ): Veal or beef , 400 gr., cleaned, washed and cut in small pieces. Celery 1 large head. Onions, 2 medium, thinly sliced. Fresh mint and parsley, one bunch each. Fresh lime juice, 2 tbsp. Turmeric, ½ tbsp. Cooking oil, 5 tbsp. Powdered saffron, a pinch. Salt and Black pepper. Read the rest of this entry »