Spring Flowers

Spring was late in Montreal this year but it finally got here – in full glory!

I am blessed with two old lilac trees on two sides of my backyard: one right next to my kitchen’s window and the other arching over our newly built deck. The heavenly omnipresent fragrance of my lilac flowers make May the happiest and calmest month of the year for me.

I have two new flower types in my garden this year – Alliums an Azalea they are just gorgeous. I have also some honey suckles peaking in from my neighbor’s and of course lots of annuals I joyfully plant in May.

With all the rose and jasmine buds, lilies and dahlias leaves already promising a wonderful summer on its way, I am convinced Spring is the best season of the year!

Replanting spring flowers

Okay…. Back to the gardening business!

Here in Montreal (zone 5), spring comes to the supermarkets and flower shops way before the official spring, March 21th. I personally find it so hard to resist coming back home from shopping without a pot or two of tulips, narcissus or hyacinth. I need them for my norooz sofreh anyway, and lots of people need them for their Easter or for no particular reason at all! The point is, you can easily preserve this beautiful plants and have them flower next year if you replant them in your garden by following the simple instructions below:

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