Mohawks on top of skyscrapers

Kahnawake , home to about 8000 Mohawks, is one of the 30 reserves of the Native Canadian in the province of Quebec. It is located approximately 10 kilometers from the city of Montreal just off the Mercier Bridge south of St. Laurent River.

I often go to Kahnawake for various shopping needs. The first time I visited their cemetery (as I always do upon discovering a new place), I was absolutely amazed to find construction pieces of metal installed on so many graves. I had some faint idea about the association and found out more about it through Straight Dope. Following is a is part of what Cecil Adams has to say in response to the following question: What’s the deal with the historical hiring of Native American Indians to work on skyscrapers? Have they all truly been blessed with a lack of fear for heights? (I have included pictures that I took in my recent trip to Kahnawake) Read the rest of this entry »