Samosa is popular snack in many Iranian cities too, (just as it is in central and south Asia, many African and all Middle eastern countries) In Iran, sambooseh is reputed to be best prepared by Abadanis.  Samosa is also largely a savoury “street food” – one you would buy in specialized restaurants or off a kiosk or even push card. I make it at home, and it actually turns great! I took lots of pictures of the process, so you can probably figure out how it is done, just by looking at them.

First off, I make this with “lavash” flat bread, which could be bought in most middle eastern grocery stores in North America as far as I know.  A pack of this bread contains three large pieces and each piece would give you 15-20 samosa.

The first and most important step is cutting the bread in proper shape and size. Take a bread and just as it is folded, cut in four horizontal parts. That will give you four long strips to start working on. Cut each strips in equal sized parallel-gram pieces. These will be your samosa shelves. Fold each soft shell the way shown in the picture and fill each three-quarter half full with the filling. Oh… the filling… right

You need: one medium sized onion chopped and sauté with 2 t.s. of turmeric and 1 t.s. of powdered black pepper. 250 gr. ground beef, added to the fried onion and further fried till light brown. Three large potatoes boiled and chopped with some salt. One bunch of parsley, chopped.  Mix everything in a large bowl. This is your filling

Now, all you need to do is fill the shells one by one, close them with their top parts, and put thre or four at the time in a pan already containing hot vegetable oil. It will take one to two minute for each side of the samosa to turn crispy golden. Remove them from pan and put them in paper towel to extract the excess oil. Never put warm samosas on top of each other

Samosa is always taken with a very hot sauce. How hot, depends on your taste when you are making it at home. I mix tomato paste, Tabasco, salt and pinch of powdered red pepper, and mustard.  Time makes it hotter, mind you! And Bon appétit

2 Comments on “Samosa”

  1. NADER says:

    واقعا که دلنشین و دلپذیر هستید
    با بهترین آرزوها

    • bootehBeeta says:

      سلام نادر عزیز. از اینکه به بلاگ من سر زده و در چند جا نظرات مساعد خودتون رو گذا اشته ا ید‌ خیلی‌ ممنونم. با بهترین آرزوها و به امید دیدار مجدد

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