For the record

Hi folks! I am re-emerging from a week of slaving away in my blog(s), and it’s not over yet. So far so good, though! Owing to my genius and generous husband I moved to a self-hosting space and set up my own network, domains, and blogs. I am very pleased with having two separate but interconnected blogs (In English and Persian) with “plug in” capability, which I am planning to put in to a lot of exciting use in the coming weeks and months. This move however cost me dearly in that it ripped me of my 69,915 hits which I had accumulated in a short ten-month period! I would very much like to think this is just a number, as people have already connected to me and my blog and will visit again and again… Don’t you agree!? Anyhow, I had to move on towards self-hosting at some point, and the sooner I did it the smaller “number” I lost. All that said, I just felt compelled to frame this valuable 69,915 hit of mine in a post at least.

Finally, if you were following my blog through email, but you do not receive a notification for this post it means the link between us has been broken. Please! Go to any of my blogs you wish, (English, or Persian) and click right on the top of the page at the space allocated for this purpose in order to follow me again. I have lots of good stuff lined up to share with you. Thanks for your support

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