Montreal’s Rayan Fish

is a one of my favorite fish restaurants of Middle Eastern origin in Montreal.  It is unique in its simplicity though:  You order the fish or any type of seafood from the counter, tell the cook if you want it to be fried, bar be cued, or grilled, and then will be seated in the restaurant section and wait for your food to arrive. Usually the service is very fast.

Now, the location as well as well as the restaurant’s atmosphere is very plain and simple – no fuss, no fancy dishes, no décor, no alcohol beverages. The idea, one should know in advance, is to enjoy a fresh, fast and delicious seafood at a very reasonable price. The range of the food is amazing –  generally, fried everything is more delicious: fried basa, fried calamari are REALLY good.    I also love their grill shrimp (garlic seasoned) and grilled octopus.  Green salad is amazing and fries are always hot, fresh  and so tasty.






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