Smoked salmon bagel sandwich

Okay, there is no secret about this tasty fast sandwich – ideal for brunch if you ask me. I recently made a fuss over it and just had to share the pic and recipe!

Ingredients, let’s say for three:  Bagels of your choice, 3, split and toasted inside. Cream cheese, 2 tbsp.  Sliced smoked salmon, 300 gr. Caper, or caper berries, 7-8, sliced. Few slices of red onions.

Method: Everything is pretty much prepared if you followed the ingredients part! Just spread cream cheese, cover with salmon and top with onion and caper. It is great with fresh apple or orange juice!

A multinational breakfast!

A “multinational”, fancy breakfast, inspired by an advertisement poster, and perfect as Holidays brunch. Mine features baladi cheese cut in a way to allow stuffing (finely chopped tomatoes and parsley), and topped with soaked walnuts; two different types of hard cheese, one with apple jam and the other

with cucumbers; sunflower bread, fresh orange juice, apple and fig – the later mainly for visual effects!