Planting Vegetables: Preparation & Care

Like thousands of other Canadians, and probably thousand more gardeners who reside in Zone 5, I started my flower and vegetable gardens around the end of May, Victoria Day long weekend. That’s when we are fairly certain that the frost will not hit the gardens.

I have two long and narrow vegetable and flower beds in my back yard, lying under a pleasant mixture of sun and shade (6 hours sunlight, daily). I have already shared several posts on my flower bed and my experience with perennials throughout the gardening season. Here, and here are two examples. So, I would like to allocate this post to planting and caring for, and hopefully harvesting a few types of vegetables that I just planted in my garden. I do invite you all to join me in with your comments and tips and questions. Let’s have a happy green forum right here!

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My baby vegetables

Just wanted to share the joy of watching these baby vegetables growing– by obvious inches really, every day! My tomatoes are plenty, but they will look much prettier when they turn red – soon, vey soon!

The joy of harvesting home grown vegetables

The joy of harvesting these organic home-grown mild peppers and round carrots beat the actual consumption of them.


A magic called fresh garlic

Green garlic and garlic scapes add delicate, refreshing flavor to salads, and any type of dish you would normally use garlic for. I use them particularly in herbs-mixed polo with fish. They are easy, fun, and extremely rewarding to grow – even in pots. Simply break the bulbs and plant them 5 cm deep in a sunny spot. They should be at least 10 cm apart in a rich, weed-free soil. In Montreal, the  planting time is mid September.