Two authentic taste of Mexico: Guacamole & Mojito

Here are two new recipes (to me, at least) for two old Mexican goodies, inspired by recent trip to Isla Mujeres:

Guacamole: I sued to make guacamole dip with minced avocado and tomatoes (equal amount) and some chopped coriander, plus jalopeno and fresh lime juice of course. Well, the ratio matters a lot. The “real” guacamole, the one served with almost all local foods in Mexico would have the following recipe:

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Two Cocktails: Margarita & Bellini

For this post, I simply tested several recipes on the net and got tipsy! As soon as I was sober again, I wrote down the result of the “best practices” and then had to share them with you, even though I did not have Margarita glass and had to use Martini glass instead!  Let’s get started with Margarita and let’s start from scratch, pretending you don’t know what each cocktail is made of.

For Margarita, you need: The Mexican spirit Tequila, Triplesec (or Quattro) and fresh lime juice, salt, ice and cocktail shaker. Drinks Mixer’s recipe for Margarita is great (Check it out, it demonstrates all the steps). It’s got at least two good tips: The first one is the ratio it suggests: 3-2-1 for Tequila, Triplesec, and lime juice respectively: So, let’s say you have one oz. of tequila. You therefore add 2/3 of Triplesec and 1/3 of lime juice to it, before shaking it with ice incocktail shaker.  The balance is perfect!

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