Growing peppers in container

I have tried growing tomatoes, zucchinis and cucumbers in containers without much success.  But different types of pepper, jalapeño, sweet pepper and hot pepper, do fantastic in container – even better than in the ground!  I have read peppers need to have a relatively warm soil to thrive and apparently a container provides that environment better than does a vegetable bed in the ground.

All you need to watch for is not to overcrowd them. Take a 30 cm. (12 inch) container;  use top, draining soil; plant three seedling – not more– deep in the soil.   Place them in half to full sun, depending on how hot the weather is.  They like warm but not too hot.  And do not over water.  I use natural fertilizer (Hen Manure) for vegetables right from the start. 

You may want to grow peppers in container because let’s say you live in an apartment and have a nice little sunny balcony. Or, you might choose to do so because although you have a yard and garden, your vegetable beds are not in the best shape or you do not have enough space this year.    In any case, you will be surprised how tall and fruitful they will grow after about a month.

Please do not hesitate to share tips. Happy gardening Everyone!

2 Comments on “Growing peppers in container”

  1. Iman says:

    I want to know the best type of soil used for growing pepper in pots and if i used sandy soil, there is any precaution to consider
    Note: i am preparing for an experiment using cyanobacteria in pepper cultivation, do i need any nutrient solution besides cyanobacterial suspension
    please inform me as soon as possible

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