Soybeans: wholesome, whole green delights

I am sure everybody has heard a lot about health benefits of Soya – reduction in LDL cholesterol, preventing cancer, even reduction in risk of coronary artery disease.

The good news is that Soya products are so diverse, from flour, to candy & biscuits, to soy milk, to Tofu, to my favorite: Whole green soybeans. Boiled or steamed soybean in pods make wonderful snack, especially if you’re with friends talking, watching something while sucking the beans into your mouth.  Here is how I prepare it in 5 minutes– by boiling, or in my case steam-cooking, also known as Edamame.

Most supermarkets have 450 gr. packages of whole green soybeans. Get one and rinse beans under cold water. No worries if you do not have steamer pan. Fill half of a big pan with water and bring to boil. Put beans in a strainer and place it in the pot so the water is just below the bottom of the strainer. Close with a lid and continue boiling water for 5 minutes.  Done!  You could serve it warm, or cool it in a bowl of iced water before serving it, in which case the shells stay quite green.  Squeeze beans out of the pods and eat up, or try the pods a little bit too if they are young- I have read they are actually the most nutritious part, but to be absolutely honest have not tried it myself!

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