Kookoo sabzi, the many faces of it!

Do you remember my version of kookoo sabzi, or herb-omelette? Here it is if you don’t.

There are many versions, of course- and this video and article posted at Radio Free Europe and the references that the article makes are among my favorites. The rule, however, is to always spoon or pour the whole mixture into the frying pan or in an oven-safe dish at once,  and then fry, cook or bake it in whole. This time round, I felt like breaking the rules a bit just for the heck of it! I used the exact same ingredients and method as indicated in my initial recipe. Only when it came to frying, I spooned the mixture in to the frying pan in small circles, as we do with potato-based kookkoo, or kookkoo sibzamini.  The result?  Same taste, more time and oil consuming and more gorgeous looking!

By the way, these are barberries, or zereshk, spread on kookoo. Some cooks add barberries to the mix before frying or baking, which adds a pleasant sour taste to the dish. Berries usually loose their red hue though after being fried or cooked.


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