Vegan stew, one type, three rules

Vegetarian, and vegan, stew-like dishes are healthy, easy and quick. Most important of all, when it comes to following a vegi recipe or inventing your own, sky is the limit!   Having said that, there are certain “rules” I always follow to in order to come up with a delicious AND pretty looking vegetable-based dish.

  1. Use at least one type of grains to supplement meat/protean.
  2. Use potatoes or one type of pasta to make the dish thick and filling
  3. Consider the cooking time of the vegetables being used and add each one to the main pot appropriatly. Mixing everything together at the same time will certainly destroy the look of the dish

Obviously, I also always go for the vegetables that are in season or in my fridge.  For this dish, I had the following:


Onions, green peas, carrots, bell peppers, mushrooms, potatoes (all washed, and chopped).  V8 or tomato juice, salt and pepper, oil and water.

Method:  In a big pot, heat oil and fry onions first. As soon as they start becoming translucent, add beans and fry until they are a bit soft and golden. Add potatoes, salt and pepper and half glass of water and simmer for 15-20 minutes. These were the items that needed the longest cooking time.

The rest takes no time! Add chopped carrots and bell peppers as well as three quarter glass of V8. Ten minutes before serving, Add mushrooms and adjust the taste and thickness.

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