Tasty Porcupine

This is my most recent “invention”, see what you think

Ingredients: A large plump grapefruit (or any citrus fruit larger than that). Cubed cheddar cheese (or any hard cheese of your choice). 300 gr. Pitted green and black olives; cherry tomatoes, large, table grapes (red, or green), one cup each. Wooden toothpick (about 40). Read the rest of this entry »

Three appetizers: with beets, mushroom, and lentil/avocados

Okay, these three appetizers do not have to be served together of course, but if you decided that they do make a pretty ensemble, rest assured it won’t take you a lot of “active” time to prepare them.  And keep in mind that beets, lentils and avocado all have outstanding notorious benefits.

  1. 1. Oven roasted beets: Buy a bunch of fresh (with leaves) beet.  Cut off the stems and the leaves, but do not throw them away; you can steam cooked or use them in a variety of soups. Trim off the ends, wash and brush the whole beets. Wrap all three or four turnips in a large aluminum foil and crunch up the sides together to seal. Turn oven to 325C and bake in the middle row for at least two hours or until they are soft enough to peel easily. This method results in juicy and deep sweet beets with a taste incomparable to any other method. Cut and arrange in a cute plate! Read the rest of this entry »