Cabbage-mixed polow

This is one of the most gorgeous looking and aromatic Persian mixed polows, requiring extra time and effort, but absolutely rewarding when prepared in authentic (Shirazi) way.


Ingredients (serving 4-6):

  • Basmati rice, 4 cups.
  • Ground veal or beef, 1/ kg.
  • Onion, thinly sliced, 3 large.
  • Cabbage, cored and shredded, 1 head (about 1 kg.).
  • Oil — 1/3 cup .
  • Herbs: Basil, and tarragon, one large bunch each, chives and parsley, half a bunch each. All fresh herbs should be chopped and mixed. Kalam polow dried herb mix is also available in Iranian supermarkets and could be used without any problem!
  • Sour grape juice, aab-ghooreh, (or 4 tbsp. sour orange juice),  1 tbs of dried powder of sour grape juice could be replace with both of the above noted types of juices.
  • Chickpea flour, ard nokhodchi, 1 tbs.
  • Turmeric, ½ tbs.
  • Salt and black pepper, to taste. (Please don’t use tomato paste!)


  1. Prepare rice in usual way as if for plain rice (soaked in salted water, drained, boiled in lots of water, drained, and steamed cooked for at least one hour) . At the stage when you want to mount the rice back in to the pot from the colander, simply mix it thoroughly or in layers with an already prepared following mix:

2. Heat half the oil in a frying pan and prepare piaz daagh with 2 of the onions, but don’t make it crunchy. Just sauté the onion until golden. Remove it to a bowl. In the same pan, sauté the shredded cabbage over medium heat until wilted. Then, add pinch of salt, pepper, aab-ghooreh and 1 tbs. water OR 4 tbsp sour orange juice. Cover with a lit. Steam cook for half an hour. Once ready, remove to the same bowl with fried onion.

3. Mix 1 grated onion with ground meat, turmeric, chickpea flour, and pinch of salt and pepper. Use your hand and fingers (not a blender) to massage and mix them very well, like you would for kebab koobideh. Then, make it into a large bowl and leave to rest for 10 minutes. Now you should make this large meat bowl into very small, ideally same size, meat bowls before frying them in hot oil till brownish. A lot of people fry the meat in fried onion, pretty much like we do in ground mixed polow, and then mix it with the fried cabbage. This is no doubt an easier way, but by no means is it called kalam polow shirazi!

4.Once little meat bowls are ready, return them to the mix of fried cabbage and onion in a frying pan. Add chopped herbs and stir for 2 minutes, just so to mix everything together. If you used dried herbs, soak them all in a colander placed in a bowl of water for 10 minutes. Then remove from the water, shake off the excess water and fry in the mix like you would fresh herbs.

Your heavenly smelling and savory mix of slightly sour fried onion, cabbage, mixed herb, dotted with brownish little meatballs are ready to go back in the first stage above, into the rice! Cover the pot’s lid in a clean kitchen towel once you have sufficient steam in the pot and steam cook for one hour. Flat bread goes well with kalam polow as its tahdig. And, needless to say, the dish is never completed without torshi and shirazi salad.


12 Comments on “Cabbage-mixed polow”

  1. Ahmad says:

    زیبا خانوم دست شما درد نکنه, عجب عکس جذابی از کلم پلو گرفته بودید، من که دهن آب افتاد! به امید آزادی ایران از دست ویروس آخوند و مذهب سیاسی!!

  2. یک چوپان says:

    !سالاد شیرازی رو عشق است

  3. Mehdi says:


    daste shoma dard nakone, man chand ta doste shirazi daram, inghadr az in ghaza tarif kardan ke mikham in akhare hafte davateshon konam o barashon dorost konam, ta hala dorost nakardam vali ashpazim bad nist, omidvaram khob dar biad.

    Mehdi az Delft

    • bootehBeeta says:

      سلام. به به، چقدر عالی‌! امیدوارم خوب در بیاد من جلو شما و دوستاتون رو سفید بشم :)). خبرش رو بهم بدید حتما لطفا

      • Mehdi says:


        hatman khabar midam o midonam ke kheili khob dar miad, toye net recipe haye ziady baraye in ghaza vojood dare vali recipe shoma bishtar ba tozih dare. age ghazaye man khob dar omad baratoon aksesh ro mifrestam 🙂

        shad bashid,

      • bootehBeeta says:

        سلام. من همچنان نگرانم شما خبر ندادی یعنی‌ خوب نشده یا چی‌ ؟ :)) شاید هم مهمونی‌ به وقت دیگری موکول شده. به هر حال موفق باشید :)؛

      • Mehdi says:

        sorry, man nashod aks ha ro befretsam, toye mobilam hast o emrooz mifrestam baratoon. man 1shanbe gozashte in ghaza ro tebghe recipe shoma dorost kardam ba mixe sabzi taze o khoshk. vaghty hazer shod o mehmoona omadan, kesy nemitonest sabr kone, az boye khobe ghaza hame bitab shode bodan. kheili ghazaye khobie faghat kheili zahmat dare, man 3-4 sa’at sare pa bodam 🙂
        nemidonam dobare key in ghaza ro dorost konam vali khodam ke kheili azash razi hastam, daste shoma ham dard nakone ke zahmate recip ro keshidid. dostanam hamegy azatoon tashakor kardan.

        shad bashid,

        p.s: age Holland tashrif avordin,khoshhal mishim dar khedmat bashim.

      • bootehBeeta says:

        خوب، خیلی‌ خوشحالم که کلم پلو خوب در اومد و خودتون و دوستانتون دوست داشتند. دست مریزاد و نوش جانِ همگی‌ 🙂 کاملا درست میگید کلم پلو غذای وقت گیر و نسبتا مشکلی‌ هست (برای همین دست شما دو چندان درد نکنه!) در عین حال مسلما دفعه بعد کمتر وقت خواهد گرفت چون بالاخره کار نیکو کردن از پر کردن است. مرسی‌ که منو در جریان گذاشتید. و چشم، حتما بی‌ خبر از هلند نخواهم گذشت :)؛

  4. Joanna says:

    Where can I find a recipe for your jeweled rice featured in the blog banner?
    Thank you

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