Shirazi Salad with everything

What is renown among Iranians everywhere as “salad-e Shirazi” is, in fact, a common and popular green salad everywhere in Iran.  It is simply considered more authentic when made by a Shirazi or consumed in Shiraz.

It is refreshing, tasty and goes with almost all types of Iranian dish, especially with mixed-rice verities, such as cabbage-mixed polow.

Ingredients: It only takes three vegetables to make it:

Tomatoes and cucumbers in equal quantities and peeled onions in half that amount.  For seasoning you would need verjuice, or fresh lime juice as an alternative. Dried mint powder, salt and pepper, and olive oil (optional).

Method: Wash tomatoes, and cucumbers (cut off the bitter butts but leave the skin on), peel onions. Finely chop everything, Beware, if the vegetable chunks are dice-sized or larger, the salad is not considered Shirazi!

To season, first pour two tbsp. (or more depending on the amount of your salad) of verjuice, or fresh lime juice in a cup. Add salt and powdered black pepper and stir well before mixing it in with the salad.  Olive oil is not in the original recipe, but adds pretty well. Sprinkle a pinch or two of dried powdered mint on the salad, and either mix it before serving or let it just be on the salad.

2 Comments on “Shirazi Salad with everything”

  1. Mehnoush says:

    It’s indeed one of my favourite salads too 🙂 😉

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